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Features of School Management Software

Student Information
Interactive Student Database
Student information has never been so easy to manage with our robust student information system. Shiksha365cloud is an interactive database of student information that is easily accessible and always available for qualified staff. It ensures that all administrators and teachers to have access to the most recent student information. The student database includes basic information including address, sibling names and grades, parents, and contact information. This database is linked to all of the student’s school classes and activities. Additional information regarding billing, accounts, and medical history are easily added by the administration.

Time Table Management Software

The interactive student database available via the Shiksha365cloud Student Information System is the backbone of a student’s journey through education. During the school year all of the student’s teachers enter information about grades, homework, attendance, discipline, and achievements into the same electronic file so that a student’s records are always complete and up to date.

With Shiksha365cloud and the interactive student database, administrators and teachers are always on the same page. The student database keeps all information together in a single repository so that it is not scattered across teachers and the front office. Because all information is stored together, administrators and teachers can quickly gather the recent and relevant information they need in one place, including class schedules, disciplinary problems, grading, and outstanding payments. This makes information gathering more efficient and productive since it eliminates the need to contact all of the student’s teachers and search for various student files.

Parents, too, benefit from the student database. Basic information can be updated online instead of needing to make a special trip to the office to fill out paperwork. School billing and account management is hassle-free since it can be monitored and paid online. Perhaps the biggest benefit for parents is the ability to keep track of their student’s grades, attendance, and homework on a daily basis, which makes it easy to keep track of their student’s academic progress.

Teacher Information
Interactive Teacher Database
Using the Shiksha365cloud interactive teacher database, you can easily enter and make basic information about staff members available to qualified administrators. The interactive teacher database makes creating new classes, viewing a teacher’s class schedule, and filing reports incredibly easy and efficient.

Each teacher has one file that enables them to keep their schedules, students, and classroom information all in one place. That single database file allows administrators to have up-to-date information about the teachers and their classes at any time. It also provides a secure way to for teachers to log onto Shiksha365cloud and access their school records and information.

Managing the classes teachers are scheduled to teach and viewing a teacher’s schedule has never been so easy. The interactive teacher database enables you to assign teachers to new classes and view existing teacher schedules at a glance. Scheduling is easier as well because as you can see the teacher’s class load immediately and adjustments and new class assignments can be easily changed or modified.

It is faster for teachers to fill out classroom reports and forms using the interactive teacher database because all of the basic information including the teacher’s name and classroom details are automatically placed in the form by Shiksha365cloud. Teachers simply fill in the details and click OK. Reports and forms are automatically saved to the teacher’s file as well as the student’s file and parents and administrators can be notified immediately by the teacher when the report is filed.

Parent Portal
One of the most powerful features of Shiksha365cloud is the Parent Portal. The parent portal enables parents to be connected to their student’s classroom and teachers 24 hours a day. This feature keeps parents involved and actively participating in their student’s education. The information available to parents in the parent portal is completely customizable by the school and can include attendance records, grades, classroom assignments, calendars, a message board, and basic student and parent information.

Parents usually have to rely on students for school and classroom information, such as notes from the teacher, homework assignments, activities, and classroom policies. To a lesser degree, parents must wait for students to bring home classroom and school notes and letters regarding attendance, grades, and requests for teacher meetings. With the Parent Portal, parents don’t have to wait and hope that their students will give them the materials they need in order to stay informed. Instead, parents can get the information they want themselves right from their own computer and that information comes straight from the teachers and school. Information in the parent portal is always up to date, which is especially important for attendance and grading tracking.
The Parent Portal also relieves teachers of the constant requests for progress and attendance reports. The Parent portal is updated daily by Shiksha365cloud.

Sometimes parents and students have questions that must be addressed before the start of the next school day, especially if they are questions regarding homework, testing, and projects due the next day. Parents may also want to touch base with their student’s teachers if they have questions, suggestions, or comments regarding classroom activities, attendance, discipline issues, or grades. The Parent Portal includes a communications feature which enables parents to send private messages directly to their student’s teachers. This direct line of communication can help parents and teachers ensure the success of their students.

Attendance is one of those administrative tasks that must be done at the start of each class. It can take up valuable time at the beginning of class and sometimes be difficult to manage. Attendance books traditionally are big grids with tiny squares that are hard to read and can be easy to make errors in. With Shiksha365cloud’ Online Student Information System (also known as Online School Management System), taking and managing attendance is no longer a hassle with our easy to use and robust school attendance system.
The easy to use online student attendance system designed by Shiksha365cloud make taking attendance quick and less prone to errors. Record a student’s attendance on the colored chart with a click of the mouse. The information pertaining to the student attendance can then be immediately shared with parents via cloud (i.e., online) to help them keep track of their students via our online school management system.

With our online school management system, working with an attendance chart has never been so easy. Colorful headers; wide, shaded rows; and a clean, large font make reading your class attendance rooster easier than ever. Online attendance is more efficient for teachers, too. Simply click a button to indicate a student’s presence or absence. No more trying to make a small mark in an even smaller square. The bright and clean pages make managing and maintaining your attendance records a breeze.

Another fantastic benefit of Shiksha365cloud attendance feature is that the students attendance information is available to parents immediately. Once a teacher saves the attendance record for the period, Shiksha365cloud automatically posts the attendance information to the appropriate Parent Portal without any further action from teachers. Parents can check in with the school through the Parent Portal once a day, once a week, or even periodby-period to ensure their students are attending their classes.
It is another way that Shiksha365cloud helps keep parents actively involved in their student’s education.


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