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10 Most Important Features for Education Management Software

Education ERP software systems are developed specifically for educational institutions to help them manage the organization in an organized manner. We have compiled 10 of the best and important features of College, School, Institute and University management software that includes everything from faculty activity reporting to student attendance tracking.

1. Student Reviews Software:

This is an amazing feature of any college, school, Institute and University management software. There are lots of prospective students out there looking for a new college, school or university to join. And so it is significant that any management software aids to track and establish these inquiries. Whether they’re requests or just phone calls to the admissions office, this feature will track it all.

2. Entrance Test and Merit Lists:

This feature is going to help organize all of the necessities that require to be met in order for a student to be self-confessed to your college or university. It can easily track scores on every entrance tests and see if the candidates meet the essential qualities to be admitted. This can also be used to track the merits needed for specific scholarship prospects that your college offers.

3. Institute Accounting Software:

Even educational institutions have to keep proper accounting records in order to stay within budget. Good college management software will be able to help organize all accounting needs and keep everything in order when it comes to your school’s money.


4. Students Attendance System:

One of the most significant parts of educational system management is guaranteeing that students are attending the required number of classes. High-quality college management software is going to have a complicated system of keeping track of attendance across numerous classes.

5. Staff Management Software:

Staff management is one of the most complex pieces of running a university. With the help of staff management software any wrongdoings will also instantly be picked up, so you can rectify them. You will be able to keep records on all faculty and staff, making use that everyone are attending classes, and track salary payments.

6. Timetable Generation Software:

Timetable generation is perhaps the most difficult part of any college or university. Determining which teachers are available to teach at which classes and at which times during the week can get really messy. That’s why college management software is there! You will be able to quickly and efficiently generate timetables for all classes throughout the college.
7. Student Behavior or Discipline Tracking:

Sometimes it is not necessary that the students should be perfect angels like we expect they should be. And that needs loads of discipline and checking up on their performance over time. With a management software, a college or university they can see trends in students’ behavior over time and take action where needed.

8. Health Management:

Another great aspect of any college management software is health management. This includes tracking everything that happens at the health office on campus, which students are getting sick, and what kinds of illnesses are going around.

9. Library Management Software:

Libraries are extremely complicated systems that take a lot of resources and energy from university staff. That’s where management software comes in. You will be able to track and organize everything that’s going on at the library and change strategy where needed. How great is that?

10. Transportation Management:

All colleges have some sort of transportation task force to make sure that students can get to where they’re going or transport staff members to distinctive conferences. College management system will let this transportation to be correctly organized just with the click of a button.

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